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 UT8000HV III Auto - PCB Tester
The Top/Bottom Cable Holder is easy for cable maintenance and makes outlook more pretty.   Small, light, SMT-designed switch card, is high speed, long life.   Individually-designed switch card and cable, is easy for installation. Specification

UT8000HV III (Specification)
Test Points 2048-8192 Points
Continuity Test 10 ohm ~ 10K ohm, 10%
Leakage Test 10K ohm ~ 20M ohm, 10%
Option: 30M ohm ~ 100M ohm
Test Voltage

Continuity: 10 Volts
Leakage: 50 ~ 250 Volts

Test Current Max 20mA
Test Speed 4096 Points/Sec
Net List Input Methods 1. Auto-Learn
2. Test Program Down Load
3. File Down Load
Power Supply AC 110/220V 10%, 50/60Hz
Press Unit Dimension 740mm (L) x 660mm (W) x 910mm (H)
Test Area 690mm (L) x 478mm (W)
Press Plate Moving Range Height: 264mm from base
Lowest: 64mm from base
Desk dimension 1650mm (L) x 880mm (W) x 750mm (H)
Computer Industrial Standard Computer 586
Storage Devices 1. 44MB, 3.5" Floppy Drive
20GB above Hard Disk
Display Device VGA Monitor
Printer Interface Centronics Parallel
Fixture Interface 64-Pin Cable Connection
Operation Temperature 10oC ~ 25oC
Operation Humidity Under 50% Relative
Compressor Air Supply 5-8 kgf/cm2
Air Consumption 30 L/S

The Features of UT8000 High Voltage PCS Tester

  1. Use Industrial Standard Computer (IPC586) as the main control unit in order to increase stability & economical life.
  2. Automatic Troubleshoot Guiding System makes the reparation much easily.
  3. Specially mechanical design can prevent from humidity and increase the test speed and stability.
  4. Automatic Test Voltage Monitor system increases the test reliability.
  5. Fast PCB Electron-Discharge Circuit design can speed the test process.
  6. Specially designed Cylinder Fix Ring makes the press plate move more stably.
  7. Two Touch-Down Shafts tremendously decrease the variation in either X or Y coordination, and are excellent to test small pitches boards.
  8. Support multi-image, automatic conductive rubber Technology (A.C.R.T.) and JP fixture.
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